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QApp deploys no-code features that will empower your business with automated workflows without any new app or web development hassles or costs. Work on what matters while automating the rest.


Delivering efficiencies for remote and hybrid service businesses

QApp is fully customizable for remote or hybrid (offline+ remote) service businessBe it a tutor who offers virtual or hybrid classes, a fitness consultant offering health consultation, a digital freelancer serving repeat customers or a full-time working professional wanting to start a side-gig  – QApp delivers end to end digitization to enhance their efficiency, scale their business processes and accelerate sales.

Digitizing your business means enabling efficiencies for the long term. As a business owner we are excited to know the following from you:

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we believe QApp may help you accomplish your goals quicker and easier. Our objective is to empower you to:

For Business Owners

Drive tasks which matter. Automate the rest

Instant Landing Page

Escape the hassle of creating and updating a website. Get a landing page that you can start sharing with your customers immediately

QR customer acquisition

Instantly acquire customers using QR Codes. Whether you are at a social or networking event, or connecting virtually, convert customers on the go.

24X7 Booking

Be always accessible to your customers enabling them to place orders anytime.

Manage Customers

Manage your Customer data, and history in a single view and dashboard.

Multiple Locations

Enable differentiated business measures based on hybrid and remote locations and control location based activity real-time

Payments & Deposits

Integrate your favorite payment gateways including stripe, paytm and paypal with cash on delivery option. Automate recurring digital payments.

Track Payments

Keep track of all received payments, pending payments and refunds.

Automated Calendar

Get a single unified view of all business activities across locations and staff on your business calendar

Marketing Automation

Enhance customer lifetime value by automated re-targeting for repeat business.

Automated Notifications

Avoid no-shows & missed appointments through automated notifications using email, whatsapp and SMS.

Existing website integration

Turn your static website into a smart booking platform without using any additional code.

Customized booking

Every business is different. Setup customized booking processes that fit well with your business and customer needs

Zoom integrations

Integrate your calendar with zoom for seamless scheduling.

Multi-level Categories

Build multiple business categories and configure unique services within these categories. QApp helps you build that perfect catalog.

Lead Conversion

Capture and manage customer leads in one place with automated follow-ups for lead conversion

Group Appointments

Let you customers book as a group with differentiated pricing.

Social Media Logins

Login with your Facebook and google accounts

Gift cards & Coupons

Accelerate customer acquisition and re-engagement by creating coupon code and gift cards based offers for your customers

QApp is no-code and quick to get started while being easy to use. Signup now!

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