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Step into in a tech-transformed future

In a fast-changing post-pandemic world, where no today is the same as yesterday, speed and technology dominate business decisions and a lack of visibility or business inefficiencies can impact growth significantly. Businesses must be on the top of their game. That sounds exhausting, right? We’re here to help.

At QApp, we believe having a basic web presence has become old-school. The new mindset of customer acquisition and expectation management is all about instant actionable features and processes. QApp helps you do just that.

More Revenues

As technology deepens into your business processes, accelerate revenue through AI based marketing automation

More Time

Time is your real inventory. Build efficiencies which gives you more time to build what matters while automating the rest

More Availability

Significant customers bookings are made outside regular working hours . Monetize them.

More take-rate

Skip the high marketplace commisions for all repeat business you are generating


With QApp, you can automate daily operational aspects of the business that need less personal attention to focus more on tasks that matter.
What’s more? We help setup within minutes. QApp makes it simple for entrepreneurs to change process flows within a short time.
To top everything else, there are no hidden charges or commissions? We auto-build for you, regardless of if you are a remote or hybrid business.
At QApp, we invest our energies into assisting you to automate the tasks that can save your time without a line of code and help you focus on customers.
We want you to deliver that superior customer experience. Hence in your journey towards automating your business, QApp works with you.
As a business owner, the next time you meet your potential customer, instead of sharing detailed websites and brochures, share an actionable business QR Code for instant conversion.


our vision

Innovative Leader in Technologies

See every transaction owner in one place for every type of operational spend.

Enable fastter purchasing and give every employee access to the funds they need in a safe and secure manner.


Our Staff

Alex Sollerio
Co-Founder of Company

He is a frequent speaker on the topics of global innovation.

Amanda Red
CEO of Company

She is a services industry veteran with a diversifie

Tomas Rodjers
General Manager

He is also an avid cook and history buff

Sandrah Rich
Senior Digital Strategist

She is responsible for all delivery, operations and talent

Works together


Enhance customer experience by letting your customers place orders over a QR Code. Schedule over automated business calendars and build resource efficiencies so that you can maximise customers serviced with your current capacity. Overcome geogrpahical limitations by servicing customers globally virtually.

Access critical decision making data points instantly to level-up your business, understand your customers better and gain access to business insights like never before.  No more record keeping using traditional pen, paper and spreadsheets.

Target your customers with optimal offers leveraging WhatsApp, email or text. Notify your customers and staff of all critical points in their journey over multiple communication modes like whatsapp and email. Use demand data to manage your human resources like a champ. Forget having your staff over-worked or sitting idle.

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