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Software for coaches, consultants and freelancers

QApp is a no code automation platform which makes it easy and quick for small business owners to manage their business. QApp is an ideal companion as a:

– Software for small business management

– Health Insurance software for agents

– Software for SPAs

– Staff management and scheduling tool

– CRM Software for small business

– Sales coaching software

– Client management software for coaches


No App Required. No learning curve

Mobile friendly backend and landing pages ensure that you can deploy QApp for your customers without investing into a new app. QApp is fully functional on its web version.


Customized Software

Every business has its unique needs. QApp empowers you to customize technology as per specific business needs. Your entire business, on your own platform.


Test. Build. Deploy.....Repeat!

Do you have a business idea but do not know where to start and how to find paying customers? Are you looking to further scale your existing business? Are you worried about how your business will fare on ecommerce? You might not know till you try. Your ideas could actually have a sizeable market. QApp helps you  build that confidence by setting up your business instantly to test the market and most importantly, find paying customers. 

Zoom/Whatsapp Integration

Skip the need to re-define your existing business processes. QApp can be integrated with your current payment gateways, zoom accounts, calendars and email accounts for a quick yet smooth technology adoption. Examples include:

  • Automate whatsapp messages and reminders
  • Zoom Integration
  • Automate customer emails

Quick set up and deployment

QApp is a no code automation platform which makes ii easy and quick for business owners to configure and customize process flows within a matter of minutes.


No hidden Commissions

We do not charge any commissions. We do have an affordable software subscription fees post the trial period. 


We upgrade and update

We love feedback and are in a loop for building relevant features continuously based on your that feedback. Less documentation and quick start is our mantra, so stay tuned for our upcoming features.
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