No-code automation for your remote business
Enhance productivity, Leverage data, Accelerate Sales

Level-up your business with QApp : A one-stop, quick setup, automation solution for remote and hybrid (offline + remote) service businesses. QApp enhances consumer experiences and business productivity seamlessly using easy to use technology.


no-code landing page, CRM, QR customer ON-BOARDING, scheduling, payments, resource management, reporting, business intelligence and more. Available with pre-integration with  zoom, whatsapp and business calendars


Reduce web development costs and missed customer acquisition opportunities with an instant landing page .Convert customers immediately through actionable links.

Instant Scheduling

Let customers book slots without inefficient to & fro communication. Automate customer journeys using scheduling mechanisms including recurring bookings.

Repeat Business

No more missed business opportunities. Automate customer re-engagement through customized dashboards and insights .

Payments & Deposits

Integrate your favorite payment gateways including stripe, paytm and paypal with cash on delivery option. Automate recurring digital payments.

Build your remote business

No more manual link sharing for virtual meetings. Auto-integrate zoom and whatsapp to your business processes for a streamlined service delivery process

Automated Notifications

Reduce no-shows, drop-offs and wasted capacity. Email/Whatsapp notifications to staff & clients at critical steps of the customer journey

Automate your business calendar

Sync seamlessly with Google, Outlook, Office 365 calendars. Make sure your customers are aware of the service details along with blocking both your and their calendar well in-advance.

Calendar Automation

Scale-up your social media sales

Share your QR across all marketing mediums. Convert potential customers instantly through a transaction enabled landing page. Give your customers the wow! on-boarding experience by enabling a seamless journey end to end.

Single click QR

Accept Payments & Deposits

Process part or full payments in advance. Select from your favorite payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Paytm. Reduce no-shows and wasted capacity.

Multiple payment gateways
Local POS Payments

Connect with customers seamlessly

Remote businesses are the next big thing. QApp delivers seamless and automated zoom and whatsapp integration, the ability to manage virtual sessions and calendar right from your dashboard. QApp supports your business end to end as it levels-up, scales-up with a global presence in-sync with your customer’s time-zone.