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Are you losing critical data for your business?

Irrespective of how digitized we already are, we always have manual intervention in our systems of some form or another. You could be recording customer entries on registers, keeping company contacts unsynced or taking cash payments. Offline records, as one may understand, is highly prone to data losses. Imagine this situation, a customer visits you as a walk-in and you record his name over a paper register. You want to re-target the same customer with offers a month down the line. Would’nt it be cumbersome to track the walk-in customers historically. And its not just about reaching out. Un-digitized business run into various challenges as they scale, major ones being:

Such losses have long term ramifications for any business which is trying to streamline costs or to scale. This makes digitization a key need. But digitization is not just about creating an online presence. Its about streamling every step of that customer journey which could lead to leakages both in terms of costs and sales. A few examples of how a “deep digitization” could help you solve multiple problems as a business.

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