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How capacity planning can help you get more sales and save costs for your business?

As business owners we have all seen the time when we are crowded with customers leading to long customer waiting times. A fraction of the customers also drop out because of the poor experience. But then we have also seen the times when there are no customers at all and business staff is mostly under-utilized. Why does this happen? Customer flow is never uniform. It always moves through peaks and troughs. But our capacity planning is uniform. But does it necessarily need to be that way?
Often our customers do not have the visibility on our capacity and they decide to straighaway walk-in only to end up waiting. As a business you would never be able to accurately estimate how much of sales you actually lost due to this unpredictability. How do you solve this problem?
Ecommerce has already solved this problem using technology. Leading ecommerce companies already have data of the demand patterns and they plan their capacity exactly as per that. Offline stores unfortunately still do not have that visibility with technology can provide. QApp solves this problem my marrying demand and supply in such a way that you customer demand is accurately predicted and you can plan you capacity accordingly.
We believe that this can lead to multiple advantages: better customer experience, zero lost sales, reduced costs due to staff redundancies and even plan your “Happy Hours” and other similar offers in a way that suits your customers needs. End of the day, every business is basically about knowing your customers well. Keep watching this space for more!

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