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How scheduling can help you enhance customer experience?

Time is an essential commodity for everyone. We are almost invariably trading off something for the other. With the rapid digitization, everything seems to be going the the direction of automation. Why would customer be left behind in such a situation? Given 2 businesses: one which allows the customer to visit at the time of his/her choice vs the other which does’nt who is going to win. Its more or less a no brainer. But just for the sake of simiplicity, lets take the following example:
A customer wants to get a haircut. He can do 2 things. Head to any store with the uncertainity of find a spot, unpredictability of getting a barber or do the same waiting process again and again. Or he could schedule a monthly recurring meeting with the barber with payments integrated. Simplifies life in a big way doesn’t it.
Over 1 TRILLION man-hours is wasted every year due to customer waiting times. Let pledge to end that 😊 Watch this space for more AI/ML based developments on quick digitization solutions for enterprises.

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