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Why many offline businesses do not scale?

In a post covid world where ecommerce penetration has accelerated even further a major chunk of businesses still remain undigitized or partially digitized. Digitization sounds cool but in the world where we have started talking about metaverses and digital currencies, not digizing your business could probably no business at all. So is it just about productivity? Not really. Digitization has tangible and intangible benefits but intangible benefits in most cases out-value the tangible benefits.

Consider the following example: I travel to a new country but end up looking for a haircut salon. My normal reaction would be to google for places near me and call up to book. But there are many factors which could break the chain of events. Having a digital presence merely cannot guarantee a conversion. What is required is “call to action” which will convert a casual browsing to an actual sale. But this not the run of the mill ecommerce. There are other aspects which require consideration. A few examples of how a “deep digitization” could help you solve multiple problems as a business:

Its only when a store scores on all above parameters is when it can be called truly digitized. Especially in the services space, this is still and under-utilized tool. QApp can help you digitize your business and not just build a digital presence. And you run the show through our technology customized for your needs. So are you ready for your next order. Accelerate your business by coming on-board QApp

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